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​Dallas-Fort Worth Traffic Warrant Attorney

A driver who is pulled over and written a traffic ticket by a police officer in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth region must respond to the violation before it becomes outstanding. If you receive a citation for speeding or another traffic-related offense in Plano, Fort Worth, Dallas County, Denton County, or another DFW-area community, you must either plead guilty to it, or take necessary steps to dispute it. If you instead neglect your traffic ticket, it will go past due and eventually go to warrant. Whether you are a Class C driver or hold a commercial driver's license, the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno may be able to get your traffic warrant lifted, post bond for you and attempt to negotiate a favorable deal for you in court. Would you like to learn more about traffic tickets issued in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex? Please take a moment to fill out our Traffic Ticket Contact Form.


Warrant Roundup in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

On an annual basis, the Great Texas Warrant Roundup takes place all across the State, including in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. During the Warrant Roundup, law enforcement searches for and arrests as many motorists as possible who have previously been issued traffic warrants. Has a traffic warrant been issued for you? Then you may be arrested during the Great Texas Warrant Roundup, if not before. No matter if you hold a CDL or a standard, Class C driver's license, it would be in your best interest to get your warrant lifted before you are arrested and incarcerated. Since 1994, Jack Byno & Associates have been lifting warrants and posting bonds on behalf of our clients, and subsequently representing them in court. We understand what it takes to navigate the annual Warrant Roundup and are standing by right now to provide you with the legal representation you need to stay out of jail and behind the wheel.

DFW Attorney Posts Bonds & Lifts Warrants

If you have overdue traffic tickets, originally issued to you in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, that have now gone to warrant, be aware that you will eventually be arrested if your warrants are not promptly lifted. If you are now interested in getting your warrants lifted, why not turn to the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno for assistance? In the instance that we are able to get your warrants lifted and post bond for you, then we may be able to work out a plea deal for you in court, such as State-approved driving safety courses, reduced fines or deferred adjudication. In some cases, we may also be retained to represent you at trial, if it is concluded that your case would stand a better chance in front of judge and jury.

Jail Release Provided 24/7 in Dallas-Fort Worth
Perhaps traffic warrants previously issued to you in the Dallas-Fort Worth area have caught up with you. Maybe you have been arrested by law enforcement during the Great Texas Warrant Roundup. Either way, if you are now sitting behind bars in DFW because of your warrant, keep in mind that the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno has the legal power to post bail, and provide immediate jail release, for eligible clients. Drivers who seek swift release from jail may contact our law firm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for bail. This means that we may be hired to post bail for you and secure your jail release at night, on weekends, on holidays, and otherwise after regular office hours. Maybe you would rather turn to a bail bondsman to get you out from behind bars, but it would behoove you to remember that a bail bondsman does not possess the power to subsequently represent you in court. Would you like more information on how our law firm may be retained to lift a traffic warrant issued for you by a court in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, or how we may be able to post your bail and ensure your release from jail? Please fill out our Traffic Ticket Contact Form or call us at 817-685-0912.