Have you been issued a traffic ticket by a police officer in Sachse, Texas? This may be so if law enforcement has caught you disregarding a traffic control device, failing to yield right of way, driving over the legal speed limit, or committing another ticketable traffic offense. No matter whether you drive with a CDL or Class C driver's license, you have a few options to consider once a citation has been handed to you. You may consider pleading guilty to your offense, but this option will leave points on your driving record and you will be obliged to pay a fine. You may ignore your violation, even to the point that it becomes outstanding, but this lack of action on your part will only make your case more serious than it already is. Refusing either of these options, you may instead take action to challenge your ticket, in an effort to protect your driving record from points.

If you do decide to dispute your violation in court, keep in mind that although you may attempt to do so on your own, your case may be better represented with professional legal representation on your side. For over 20 years, the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno has helped drivers defend against all forms of traffic tickets in the Sachse Municipal Court, and may be retained to provide you with the same legal defense. With our law firm on your side, you may have a better chance at protecting your driving record from points that would otherwise be added. To learn more about Jack Byno & Associates and how we may be of service to you, please complete our Traffic Ticket Contact Form.


Have You Decided to Fight Your Sachse Speeding Ticket?

Day and night, the Sachse Police Department works tirelessly to ensure that drivers in and around the city are closely abiding by traffic law. One traffic law that should be obeyed at all times is the speed limit. Even so, driving over the legal speed limit is an easy traffic offense to commit, thus making the speeding ticket one of the most common traffic violations issued to drivers in the DFW area. Have you been written a speeding ticket in Sachse? Have you made the decision to challenge it in hopes of keeping points off your driving record? Then get in touch with the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno. We may be able to seek you an alternative to points added to your driving record, such as driving safety courses, reduced, fines, probation, or another favorable plea deal. In some cases, we are also hired to help our clients fight their speeding tickets at trial, before a judge and jury panel, if it is concluded that a trial is the best course of action to take.​

Attorney Gets Sachse Traffic Warrants Lifted
If a traffic ticket is issued to you in the City of Sachse, it becomes your responsibility to respond to your violation before it goes past due, either by pleading guilty to you offense and paying your fine or by taking the necessary steps to dispute your violation in court. Motorists who do not respond to their citations at all, but who merely allow them to go past due, can expect disciplinary action from the Sachse Municipal Court. The Municipal Court is often prompted to issue traffic warrants for drivers with outstanding citations, so do not be surprised if a warrant for your arrest is issued because of your outstanding ticket. A traffic warrant issued for you is no small matter and will lead to your arrest unless you take action to get it lifted. Have you made the decision to get your traffic warrant lifted in hopes of avoiding arrest, but do not know how to go about accomplishing this endeavor? Then contact Jack Byno & Associates. We know what it takes to get arrest warrants lifted in Sachse and may be hired to get your warrant lifted as well. If your warrant is successfully lifted, you will not be affected by an annual event known as the Great Texas Warrant Roundup. During the Warrant Roundup, drivers with pending traffic warrants are arrested in droves by law enforcement in Sachse, and in communities all across the State. Do not allow yourself to suffer the humiliation of being arrested during this annual event; make an effort to get your warrant lifted today.

CDL Drivers Challenge Trucking Violations in Sachse

Professional truckers, school bus drivers, ambulance drivers and other individuals who rely on a commercial driver's license for work may be pulled over and written a traffic ticket in Sachse just like the average, Class C driver may. But in contrast to the average driver, a CDL holder's means of living is supported, in large part, by their clean driving record. Because of this fact, a CDL driver may hesitate more than the Class C driver when it comes to responding to their violation. If you are a CDL holder with a pending Sachse traffic violation, and are not prepared to plead guilty to your offense and allow points to blemish your clean driving record, it may be in your better interest to challenge your violation instead. At the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno, we understand just how important a clean driving record is to CDL holders, and therefore may be retained to seek you a plea deal in lieu of points added to your record. Even though deferred adjudication, driving safety courses and certain other plea deals generally available to Class C drivers are unfortunately out of reach for those with a CDL, our law firm is experienced in the defense of commercial drivers, and may still be able to negotiate a satisfactory deal on your behalf in court.

DL Suspension for Motorists in the City of Sachse

Has a Notice of Suspension been mailed to your address by the Texas Department of Public Safety? Texas DPS may be prompted to suspend your driver's license for a number of possible reasons, such as for habitual Sachse traffic violations on your driving record, or a drunk driving (DWI) conviction. Your driver's license may even be suspended at the recommendation of a physician who has deemed you medically unfit to drive, or as a result of a car accident that you caused while driving without valid auto insurance (Crash Suspension). No matter why DPS has designated your driver's license for suspension, if you are permitted a Sachse DL suspension hearing at which to dispute your impending suspension, Jack Byno & Associates may be retained to help you challenge the suspension of your driver's license in the Dallas County Justice of the Peace Court.

Has your driver's license already been suspended by Texas DPS? Are you now struggling to find adequate transportation to your place of employment, school functions, and other places essential to your daily life? Our law firm understands that this may be especially difficult without the legal means to drive, as the Dallas- Fort Worth metroplex does not offer many options by way of public transportation. Because of this fact, you may be interested in hiring us to seek you an Occupational Driver's License (ODL). Sometimes called an Essential Need License, an ODL, if granted to you, would allow you to drive legally for the duration of your Sachse DL suspension. An ODL does, however, come with certain driving restrictions that must be carefully followed at all times. While common ODL driving restrictions include when and where you may drive, failure to obey them may result in a Driving While License Invalid (DWLI) charge, which itself can lead to prolonged DL suspension and even arrest.


Questions Regarding Your Sachse Traffic Ticket?

The Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno is a reputable traffic ticket law firm that has been serving the North Texas region for over 20 years. We specialize in the disputation of all forms of traffic tickets and may be retained to defend both Class C drivers and those who hold a commercial driver's license. Are you interested in challenging a traffic ticket that you have received in the City of Sachse? Then give our law office a call and allow our staff to further explain how our attorneys may be able to help you with this goal. If you have questions regarding your Sachse traffic ticket, or concerning speeding violations, traffic warrants and bonds, CDL and trucking violations, DL suspension or Occupational Driver's Licenses, please fill out our Traffic Ticket Contact Form or contact us via phone at 817-685-0912.

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