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The Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno is a reputable traffic ticket law firm that has, since our founding in 1994, helped motorists in towns all across the North Texas area defend against all forms of traffic tickets issued to them by law enforcement. If you have been pulled over by a police officer and issued a traffic violation, perhaps in the Navarro County City of Roane, our law firm may be retained to help you challenge your citation in an effort to protect your driving record from points, whether you were issued your ticket for driving over the legal speed limit, running a red light, failing to yield right of way, or another moving violation. If instead of challenging your Roane violation you choose to plead guilty to it, points will be added irreversibly to your record, and you will have a hefty fine to pay. We have experience defending both Class C drivers and CDL holders in court, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us to provide you with the professional representation your case deserves. Would you like to find out more about Jack Byno & Associates and the traffic-related legal services we may be retained to provide you? Please take a moment to fill out our Traffic Ticket Contact Form.


Motorists Written Speeding Tickets by Law Enforcement in Roane

Do you have a penchant for driving too fast while behind the wheel? While you are not alone in this bad habit, driving over the legal speed limit is illegal, and you could be issued a speeding ticket if you are caught doing so, especially in the City of Roane. The Roane Police Department is cracking down on speeding drivers in and around the city, and will not hesitate to issue you a speeding violation should you be caught driving too fast. Once your citation is written and placed in your hands, it is up to you to respond to your ticket before it goes past due, by either pleading guilty to it or by take the necessary steps to challenge it in a court of law. If you are hoping to avoid points added to your driving record if at all possible, it would not be wise to plead guilty to your violation. Instead, why not dispute your speeding ticket, and with help from the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno? We may be able to seek you a favorable alternative to points otherwise added to your record, such as deferred adjudication (probation) or State-approved defensive driving courses.

Has a ROANE Traffic Warrant Been Issued for You?

As a licensed driver, it is your responsibility to respond to a traffic ticket issued to you in the City of Roane, by either pleading guilty to it or by challenging it, before it goes past due. If you have been issued a traffic violation in Roane, but have either neglected it or forgotten about it to the point that it is now past due, you may now be up against a traffic warrant issued for you by the Roane Municipal Court. A traffic warrant is essentially an arrest warrant, and you could be sought after and arrested by police at any time for as long as your warrant remains out for you. Fortunately, there is a way that you may protect yourself from arrest once a warrant has been issued for you, and that is to get your traffic warrant lifted. If you are now looking to get your warrant lifted but are uncertain as to how you may do so, look no further than the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno. Our attorneys know what it takes to get traffic warrants lifted and bonds posted on behalf of our eligible clients, and if we are successfully able to do so for you, you will be safe from arrest (even during Warrant Roundup season), and your case may be represented by our law firm later in court.

Lawyer Helps CDL Holders Fight Roane Trucking Violations

Bus drivers, truckers, emergency vehicle drivers and other individuals who hold a commercial driver's license (CDL) strive at all times to follow traffic law while behind the wheel and on the job. In the case that a CDL holder is caught violating traffic law in any way, let's say while traveling through Roane, Texas, and is issued a traffic ticket as a penalty for their offense, pleading guilty to their violation may not be in their best interest, nor in the interest of their career. This is because a CDL holder's means of living is supported, in large part, by their responsible driving habits and clean driving record. In other words, if you plead guilty to your Roane CDL or trucking violation, points subsequently added to your clean record could prove your inability to drive safely while behind the wheel, and potentially place your career in jeopardy. Therefore, why not take action to protect your driving record from points by challenging your violation? The Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno may be retained to help you defend against your charges, either by fighting your ticket at trial (in an effort to get it dismissed), or by seeking, on your behalf, a favorable plea agreement in lieu of points added to your record (although probation, driving safety courses, and certain other deals are not available to CDL holders).

Texas DPS Suspends Driver's Licenses of Roane Motorists

Have you been mailed a Notice of Suspension by the Texas Department of Public Safety (Texas DPS)? This may be so if you have been convicted of drunk driving or another serious traffic offense in Roane, or have habitual traffic violations on your driving record. No matter why you have been mailed a DL suspension notice, do not panic upon receiving it. It does not mean that your driver's license has already been suspended, but rather that it soon will be (within 20 calendar days) unless you request and are granted by DPS a hearing at which to dispute the impending suspension of your driver's license. If a DL suspension hearing is granted to you, it will be held in the Navarro County Justice of the Peace Court, which is the venue at which Jack Byno & Associates will appear to help you challenge your looming Roane DL suspension, if retained to do so.

Let's assume that your driver's license has already been suspended by Texas DPS, perhaps because you did not respond to a DL suspension notice that was mailed to you, or because you have already lost a hearing that was previously scheduled for you. If you are now having a difficult time finding transportation to school, work, the doctor's office, the store, and other locations necessary to your daily life, the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno may still be of service to you. We understand that the DFW area does not offer many options when it comes to public transportation, and that the easiest way for you to get to the places you require access to every day is by automobile. Therefore, we may be retained to seek you a temporary driver's license referred to as an Occupational DL (ODL). If you are granted an ODL, you may use it to drive legally until your regular license is no longer suspended.


Questions or Concerns Regarding Your Roane Traffic Ticket?

Do you have questions or concerns regarding the possible disputation of a traffic ticket that you have been issued in Roane, Texas? Then do not let another second go by without getting in touch with the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno. No matter why you were written your violation, and no matter whether you hold a Class C driver's license or CDL, our law office may be retained to help you dispute your citation in an effort to protect your driving record from points. In the very least we may be contacted to provide you with additional information on speeding tickets, traffic warrants, court proceedings, driver's license suspension, trucking violations, and Roane traffic tickets in general. To get in touch with Jack Byno & Associates, please complete our Traffic Ticket Contact Form or reach us via phone at 817-685-0912.​