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Whether you have a commercial driver's license or a standard, Class C DL, if you are caught breaking Texas traffic law in Reno, Texas, you may be pulled over and written a traffic ticket for your offense. No matter the reason behind the issuance of your traffic violation, which can range from speeding to parking in a handicap spot when you shouldn't, you should not plead guilty to your offense if you would rather not see points added to your driving record. Instead, consider taking legal action to dispute your traffic citation. At the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno, we have been challenging traffic tickets in Reno, and in neighboring Parker County cities, for more than 20 years. We may be retained to defend you in the Reno Municipal Court as well, if you seek superior legal defense against your violation. While we may be able to seek you a plea deal, such as probation, reduced fines, or another alternative to points added to your driving record, we may also be able to fight your ticket at trial, before a judge and jury. To learn more about how we may be of service to you, please fill out our Traffic Ticket Contact Form.


Reno Speeding Tickets Disputed

Driving over the speed limit is an easy traffic offense to commit, and even the most careful of drivers may be pulled over and written a speeding ticket if they do not pay close attention to their speedometers at all times while behind the wheel. If police radar catches you driving over the speed limit in the City of Reno, the chance is high that you will be pulled over by a police officer and written a speeding ticket. As a licensed Texas driver, if you cannot afford points added to your driving record, or if you believe that the officer was wrong to issue you a ticket, it is your right to dispute your Reno citation if you see fit. Jack Byno & Associates may be retained to help you challenge your ticket if you seek professional legal representation in court.

Getting Traffic Warrants Lifted in Reno, Texas

You should be informed that the Reno Municipal Court, on a regular basis, issues traffic warrants for motorists who have neglected traffic tickets written to them in the city. Has your Reno traffic violation becomes outstanding? If it has and a warrant for your arrest has been issued, you need to get it lifted before you are sought after by police and thrown behind bars. Jack Byno & Associates has the power to get traffic warrants lifted and bonds posted on behalf of eligible clients, so why not see if we can't get your traffic warrant lifted today? If we are able to lift your warrant, you will not have to worry about being arrested during the annual Reno Warrant Roundup. During the Reno Warrant Roundup, drivers who have previously been issued traffic warrants by the Municipal Court are arrested in droves by law enforcement. Every year unsuspecting motorists with pending traffic warrants are taken by surprise during Warrant Roundup season; do not allow yourself to become one of these drivers. Take action today to get your warrant lifted.

Reno CDL and Trucking Violations Challenged

Do you hold a commercial driver's license? If so, you realize that it is your responsibility to protect your clean driving record and, by extension, your livelihood, at all times while behind the wheel and on the job. Therefore, you may be more worried than the average driver would be about a traffic violation you have been issued in the City of Reno. Fortunately, if you cannot afford points added to your driving record, Jack Byno & Associates may be retained to dispute your Reno CDL or trucking violation in court. Although you as a CDL holder are ineligible for certain plea agreements that are generally available to Class C motorists, such as deferred adjudication and defensive driving courses, our law firm has over 20 years of experience defending CDL drivers, and may still be able to negotiate a favorable deal on your behalf in court.

Driver's License Suspension- Reno, Texas

The Department of Public Safety may be prompted to suspend your driver's license for a number or possible reasons. These include Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in Reno, Texas, failing to pay any State Surcharges you may owe, habitual traffic violations on your driving record, and causing a car accident but failing to show proof of auto insurance. If DPS mails you a DL suspension notice, and you request a Reno DL suspension hearing within the time frame allotted to you, DPS may grant you this hearing so that you may challenge the imminent suspension of your driver's license in the Parker County Justice Court. If a hearing is granted for you, Jack Byno & Associates may be hired to help you challenge your DL suspension in the JP Court. However, if a hearing is not granted to you, or if you have already lost your case, our law firm may still be of service to you. We may be able to seek you an Occupational Driver's License (ODL), which, if granted to you, would allow you the legal ability to drive while your regular license is suspended.


Reno Traffic Tickets- Questions Answered

Do you have questions concerning the disputation of a traffic ticket you have received in the City of Reno, Texas? The Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno has been practicing Texas traffic law in Reno, and all across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, for over 20 years. Our legal team thoroughly understands all aspects of Texas traffic law and is fully prepared to answer any questions you may have regarding speeding tickets, traffic warrants, bonds, CDL violations, driver's license suspension and Occupational Driver's Licenses. If you are interested in retaining our legal services, please complete our Traffic Ticket Contact Form or give us a call at 817-685-0912.​


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