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navarro county traffic ticket attorney

Law enforcement in towns all across Navarro County, including in the Cities of Corsicana, Blooming Grove and Rice, keep close watch over drivers day and night, in order to catch motorists who are breaking traffic law while behind the wheel. If a police officer finds that you have broken Texas traffic law (whether for speeding, running a red light, forgetting to wear a seat belt, or another traffic offense), and writes you a ticket as a result, you have a few options to consider. You may plead guilty to your speeding ticket and allow points to be added to your driving record. You may ignore your violation and let it go to warrant. Or, you may hire Jack Byno & Associates to help you challenge your citation in court. No matter whether you hold a CDL or Class C driver's license, out law firm may be able to plead your case to the best possible deal in court, in hopes of obtaining you deferred adjudication, decreased fines, State-approved defensive driving courses or another alternative to points added to your driving record. If you seek additional information on Navarro County traffic violations, please fill out our Traffic Ticket Contact Form.


Speeding Tickets Written- Navarro County

If you choose to drive over the speed limit in Kerens or a nearby Navarro County town, you may very well be pulled over and written a speeding violation by a police officer. Speeding tickets may appear trivial at first glance but, just as with any other traffic violation, can quickly become serious when left unchecked for long enough. Before your speeding citation goes to warrant, call the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno for assertive legal representation. We may be able to defend against your Navarro County ticket in court so that points otherwise added to your driving record may be avoided. While a plea deal such as deferred probation may be sought in lieu of points, our law firm may also be hired to represent your case at trial.

Navarro County Traffic Warrants Issued

Traffic warrants issued by the Navarro County Justice of the Peace Court, and by area Municipal Courts, may be the result of a traffic violation that has been neglected for too long. This means that if you have been written a violation in Navarro County, and it is now outstanding, it will eventually go to warrant and you could be arrested. If a warrant for your arrest is issued, it may be in your interest to contact the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno. For more than 20 years we have lifted warrants and posted bond on behalf of drivers, and may be retained to do the same for you. If you do not take action to get your traffic warrant lifted, there is a good chance that you will be arrested during the Great Texas Warrant Roundup. Police in Navarro County take part in the Great Texas Warrant Roundup each year in an effort to arrest and jail as many drivers as possible who have been issued warrants.​

Navarro County CDL Violations Defended

Commercial drivers may be especially concerned about a traffic ticket issued to them in Navarro County, Texas, as their careers are, in many cases, largely supported by their clean driving records. Do you hold a commercial driver's license? If you do, and if you have been written a CDL or trucking violation in Navarro County, you are most likely concerned about how your driving record may end up being affected by a traffic ticket issued to you. Even though some plea deals (such as defensive driving courses and deferred adjudication) are not permitted for CDL holders, the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno can empathize with your goal to defend your livelihood, and may be retained to negotiate a deal for you in court.


Questions: Navarro County Traffic Tickets?
Are you confused about a traffic ticket issued to you by a police officer in Navarro County? Our law firm may be able to provide you with the legal guidance you are now seeking, so that you may make the best decision as to how to respond to your violation. No matter if you have a CDL or standard, Class C driver's license, we may be able to help you dispute your citation in court, so that points may be kept off of your driving record. If your ticket has already gone to warrant, we may still be of service to you by getting your warrant lifted before you are arrested. To learn more about Navarro County traffic tickets, please complete our Traffic Ticket Contact Form. To speak with a representative or to request a consultation, please give us a call at817-685-0912.




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