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Traffic tickets are written every day to Class C drivers and CDL holders in Mountain Springs, Texas, as well as in towns all across the greater Dallas- Fort Worth area. It is possible that you have been pulled over and issued a traffic violation in Mountain Springs if you have been caught speeding, running a red light, driving with defective auto equipment, or otherwise breaking Texas traffic law. Fortunately, if you would rather not plead guilty to your citation and allow points to be added to your driving record, you may instead exercise your right to challenge your ticket in court. While you may attempt to dispute your violation on your own, your case may enjoy a more favorable outcome if you retain Jack Byno & Associates to represent you in court. Our traffic ticket law firm has been defending against traffic tickets in Mountain Springs for more than 20 years, and may be able to provide you with the tools and resources you need to successfully protect your driving record. For additional information, please fill out our Traffic Ticket Contact Form.


Were You Recently Written a Mountain Springs Speeding Ticket?

The Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno has been challenging all forms of traffic violations in Mountain Springs, Texas, since 1994, including speeding tickets. Perhaps a law enforcement official in Mountain Springs has pulled you over and issued you a citation for speeding. If so, you have a few options to consider. You may challenge your violation in an effort to protect your clean driving record. You may instead plead guilty to your speeding ticket, agree to pay a fine and allow points to be added to your record. Or, you may ignore your violation completely, and allow it to go into warrant. While you may be done with your ticket quickly by pleading guilty to it, or challenge your violation with help from our law firm, keep in mind that ignoring your citation can lead to severe consequences.

​Attorney Gets Mountain Springs Traffic Warrants Lifted

Traffic warrants are serious developments, and may be issued to motorists by the Mountain Springs Municipal Court as a result of overdue traffic violations. Have you been issued a traffic warrant because of your outstanding traffic violation? Then do not be surprised to be arrested by police in your very near future. The only way to avoid arrest once a traffic warrant is issued for you by the court, is to get it lifted as soon as possible. Jack Byno & Associates may be able to get your warrant lifted, and bond posted for you, so that you may be safe from arrest, and so that your case may be represented in court at a later date.

If you do not take your Mountain Springs traffic ticket seriously, and then in turn do not take your traffic warrant seriously, you may very well be arrested during the Great Texas Warrant Roundup. During the Great Texas Warrant Roundup (which is an annual event that sees police arresting drivers with pending traffic warrants), the Mountain Springs Police Department, and law enforcement agencies all over the State, makes an especial effort to locate motorists who have yet to be arrested as a result of their traffic warrants. Take care to avoid arrest during the Mountain Springs Warrant Roundup and hire Jack Byno & Associates to get your warrant lifted.

Commercial Drivers Fight Mountain Springs CDL Violations

On a daily basis, drivers in Mountain Springs, Texas are written traffic violations by police, including CDL drivers. If you are pulled over while driving with your commercial driver's license, and are subsequently issued a traffic violation, you have more to consider than the average driver when it comes to responding to your ticket. Because pleading guilty to the offense you have been charged with, whether it be for speeding, failing to yield right of way or another moving violation, will leave points on your record and your career on the line, it may be in your interest to dispute your violation instead. The Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno knows what it takes to defend CDL holders' driving records in court, and have been doing so for more than 20 years. It is possible for us to seek you a satisfactory plea deal in court, so that points may be kept off your record, even though it is true that some deals, including defensive driving courses and deferred probation, are not attainable for commercial motorists. If you believe your Mountain Springs CDL or trucking violation to be questionable, and would rather it be fought in the presence of a judge, you may also consider hiring our law firm to represent you at trial.

​Lawyer Takes on DL Suspension in the City of Mountain Springs

Perhaps you have been mailed, to your Mountain Springs address, a Notice of Suspension from the Department of Public Safety (Texas DPS). Although this notice is meant to inform you that your driver's license has been designated for suspension as a result of your habitual traffic violations, a DWI conviction on your driving record, or because of another serious Mountain Springs traffic offense, do not panic upon receiving it. It does not necessary mean that your DL has already been suspended, but rather that it will be, within 20 calendar days, unless you are scheduled a DL suspension hearing for the Cooke County Justice Court. If Texas DPS does grant you a DL suspension hearing, you may retain the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno to help you take on your looming driver's license suspension. Even if your DL has already been suspended by DPS, you may still be in reach of legal assistance that may be provided by our law office. We may be able to apply for, on your behalf, an Occupational Driver's License, or ODL. While your regular DL is suspended, you may use your ODL to drive to your place of employment, school functions, and other locations you cannot do without, if one is granted to you.


​Inquiries Regarding Mountain Springs DL Suspension?

If you are written a traffic ticket in the City of Mountain Springs, but are interested in disputing your violation instead of pleading guilty to your offense, you may be interested in retaining legal representation from the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno. We may be able to help you defend your driving record from points by seeking you a plea deal in court, or by fighting your ticket in a trial setting. Do you have questions regarding a traffic citation you have received in Mountain Springs? Then do not hesitate to call our law office and to speak with a member of our legal team. We are prepared to expound upon speeding tickets and other moving violations, traffic warrants, bonds, driver's license suspension, ODLs, CDL and trucking violations, and Municipal Court proceedings. Please take a moment to complete our Traffic Ticket Contact Form, or reach us via phone at 817-685-0912.

Were You Recently Written a Mountain Springs Speeding Ticket?


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