Have you been written a traffic ticket by a law enforcement official in Mabank, Texas? This may be so if you were caught violating traffic law in any way, whether by speeding, running a red light or stop sign, failing to yield right of way, forgetting to fasten your seat belt, or committing another ticketable traffic offense. In any case, and no matter what class driver's license you hold, being issued a traffic ticket is a serious matter, and yours should be promptly responded to. You have a couple of options to consider when it comes to responding to your violation. You may consider pleading guilty to your violation, and allow points to be added to your driving record, or you may instead take the necessary steps to challenge your violation, in an attempt to protect your record from points. Perhaps you have made the decision to dispute your violation but are not sure how to get the legal process started. Jack Byno & Associates, a respected traffic ticket law firm that has been serving the Dallas- Fort Worth community for more than 20 years, may be able to provide you with the legal counsel you need to successfully challenge your citation in court. We have experience defending against all forms of traffic violations that may be issued in Mabank and surrounding Kaufman County communities, and may be hired as your legal representatives whether you hold a Class C driver's license or CDL. To find out more about our law firm and the traffic-related legal services we may be retained to provide, please complete our Traffic Ticket Contact Form.


Attorney Fights Questionable Mabank Speeding Tickets in Court

A motorist discovered to be driving over the legal speed limit in Mabank, Texas, may be pulled over at the discretion of a police officer and issued a speeding ticket. While most drivers are in fact driving too fast at the time they are issued speeding violations, perhaps you believe that your Mabank ticket was issued to you under questionable circumstances, and may therefore be debatable. In this case, Jack Byno & Associates may be of service to you. We may be hired to take your case to trial, where your speeding violation may be fought in the presence of a judge and jury. Or, in the case that you would rather a plea deal be sought in court on your behalf, our law firm may instead be retained to seek you deferred adjudication (probation), driving safety courses, or another favorable agreement therein, in lieu of points added to your driving record.

Do You Need Help Getting a Mabank Traffic Warrant Lifted?

It is up to you, as a licensed driver, to take responsibility for a traffic ticket issued to you in the City of Mabank, and respond to it by its specified due date. If you do not respond to your violation, either by challenging it or pleading guilty, but simply allow it to go past due, the Mabank Municipal Court will be prompted to issue a warrant for your arrest. A traffic warrant issued for you is serious, and has the potential to lead to your arrest and incarceration. Fortunately, there is a way that you may be protected from imminent arrest once a traffic warrant has been issued for you, and that is to get your warrant lifted. If you are now looking to get your Mabank warrant lifted, in an effort to defend yourself against arrest, look no further than the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno. We may be able to get your traffic warrant lifted and bond posted for you, so that we may be able to represent your case in court at a later date and so that you may be safe from arrest and detention, even during Warrant Roundup season.

Warrant Roundup season, often referred to as the Great Texas Warrant Roundup, is a time of year when law enforcement all across the State is commissioned to work around the clock to find and arrest drivers with pending traffic warrants. If you have been issued a traffic warrant in Mabank, but have not yet been arrested as a result of it, you most likely will be during the Warrant Roundup. Every year motorists unsuspecting of Warrant Roundup season are sought after by police and arrested because of their pending warrants. If you hire Jack Byno & Associates to lift your warrant, and we are successfully able to do so, you will not have to worry about being arrested during this annual event.

Mabank CDL & Trucking Violations Disputed with Lawyer's Assistance

Are you an emergency vehicle driver, school bus driver, professional trucker, or other CDL holder? Then, in the case that you have been issued a traffic violation while on the job in Mabank, you may be more concerned than the average driver about how you should respond to your charges, simply because your career is supported, in large part, by your clean driving record. If you plead guilty to your violation, for instance, points subsequently added to your driving record could reflect poorly on your ability to drive safely and responsibly while behind the wheel and on duty, thus placing your means of living in on the line. In contrast, if you decide to challenge your violation, and are able to do so successfully, points may be kept off your driving record, and your means of living defended. As a traffic ticket law firm that has over 20 years of experience defending against CDL and trucking violations in the City of Mabank, Jack Byno & Associates is fully prepared to defend against your violation as well, should you choose to do so. We may even be able to negotiate a plea deal on your behalf, so that points may be kept off your record (although some deals, including probation, are unfortunately not available to CDL drivers).

Mabank DL Suspension Challenged and Overruled in Justice Court

Driver's license suspension is a penalty that often follows grave traffic offenses committed in the City of Mabank, such as drunk driving (DWI). Other reasons warranting DL suspension can include habitual Mabank traffic violations on one's driving record, failing to pay any due State Surcharges, causing a car accident but failing to provide proof of auto insurance, and even being deemed medically unfit to drive by a doctor. No matter why the Department of Public may designate your driver's license for suspension, you will be mailed, in advance of your DL suspension, a notice informing you of this development. This Notice of Suspension will allot you 20 calendar days to request a DL suspension hearing that, if granted to you, will be held in the Kaufman County Justice Court and will provide you with an opportunity to challenge your looming DL suspension therein. While Jack Byno & Associates may be able to help you challenge your looming DL suspension in the JP Court, in an effort to get it overruled, we may still be able to help you stay behind the wheel legally even the the case that your DL has already been suspended. We may do this by seeking your an Occupational Driver's License (ODL), which, if granted to you, would serve as a temporary DL until your regular license is no longer suspended.


Mabank Traffic Tickets- Questions or Concerns?

Do you have questions or concerns pertaining to a traffic ticket issued to you in Mabank, Texas, or a nearby Kaufman County town? Then do not let another moment go by without getting in touch with Jack Byno & Associates. Our team of legal representatives is waiting right now to take your call and to further expound upon speeding tickets, CDL and trucking violations, traffic warrants, DL suspension, and Mabank traffic violations in general. We may be able to help you challenge your violation, whether you hold a CDL or Class C driver's license, so that points may be kept off your driving record. For additional information or to learn more about our Traffic Ticket Contact Form, please take a moment to fill out our Traffic Ticket Contact Form, or give our law office a call at 817-685-0912.​




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