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The Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno is an established traffic ticket law firm that has been in practice in North Texas since 1994. Over the years, we have helped Class C drivers and CDL holders alike defend against all forms of traffic violations issued in the DFW area, including in the Tarrant County City of Kennedale. Perhaps you were recently pulled over by a police officer while driving in Kennedale, and were issued a traffic violation for speeding, running a red light, driving with defective auto equipment, or failing to yield right of way. As a licensed motorist, it is your responsibility to respond to your traffic ticket before it goes past due and into warrant status. You may respond to your traffic citation in one of two ways. You may plead guilty to it, and allow points to be added to your driving record, or you may challenge it in an effort to protect your record from points. Should you decide against pleading guilty to your violation in favor of disputing it, Jack Byno & Associates may be able to help you accomplish this goal in a court of law. Are you interested in learning more about the possible disputation of your Kennedale traffic ticket? Please complete our Traffic Ticket Contact Form.


Attorney Fights Questionable Kennedale Speeding Tickets in Court

If you have a bad habit of driving too fast while behind the wheel, and are caught doing so by police radar in the City of Kennedale, do not be surprised if you are pulled over by a police officer and issued a speeding ticket for your offense. The Kennedale Police Department is stepping up and cracking down on speeding motorists in and around the city, and will not hesitate to issue citations to both Class C and CDL drivers. Sometimes, however, speeding tickets are issued under questionable circumstances. Perhaps you are under the impression that the officer who wrote your ticket was wrong to do so, and now you are interested in fighting your violation in court in an effort to get it dismissed. If so, it may be in your interest to retain professional legal representation, and from Jack Byno & Associates. We may be hired to help you fight your Kennedale speeding ticket in an official trial setting, in the presence of a judge and jury.

Are You Hoping to Get Your Kennedale Traffic Warrant Lifted?

If you are not already aware, be advised that the Kennedale Municipal Court may issue a warrant for your arrest should you neglect a traffic ticket issued to you in the city, to the point that it becomes outstanding. While you would of course try to avoid an arrest warrant being issued for you if at all possible, by responding to your violation before it goes past due, let's assume that a traffic warrant is now out for you. Unfortunately, unless you take action to get your warrant lifted, you could be sought after by law enforcement and arrested at any possible time. If you are hoping to get your Kennedale traffic warrant lifted in order to save yourself from imminent arrest, but are not sure how to begin the legal process of doing so, pick up the phone and call the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno. We may be able to lift your warrant and post bond for you, so that your may avoid being arrested, even during the Great Texas Warrant Roundup, and so that your case may be represented at a later date in court by our law firm.

CDL & Trucking Violations Issued in Kennedale Challenged in Court

���Class C drivers are not the only motorists who may be pulled over and issued traffic violations in Kennedale. CDL holders, who include bus drivers, truckers, and emergency vehicle operators, may be as well. Unlike the average, Class C driver however, if you are a commercial driver who has been issued a traffic ticket in the City of Kennedale, you may more worried about how your driving record may be negatively impacted by your citation. As a CDL holder, you must maintain a clean record, and a reputation as a responsible motorist, for work purposes. In other words, should you plead guilty to your CDL or trucking violation, and points are consequently added to your driving record, you could be seen as an irresponsible driver, and in a worst-case scenario, could lose your job. It may therefore be in your better interest to challenge your violation in court, and with the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno on your side, the chance of doing so successfully is high. Although it is unfortunately true that you as a commercial driver are ineligible for some plea deals, including deferred adjudication and driving safety courses, our law office is skilled in the defense of CDL holders, and may still be able to work out a satisfactory deal on your behalf in court.

Are You a Kennedale Driver Struggling with DL Suspension?

While driver's license suspension is often times a penalty reserved for drivers convicted of grave traffic offenses, such as DWI, in the City of Kennedale, it can also be a consequence of overdue State Surcharges, or even a failed medical evaluation. In any case, if the Texas Department of Public Safety mails you a notice informing you of the imminent suspension of your driver's license, do not panic. It does not necessarily mean that you license has already been suspended by DPS, but rather that it soon will be, unless you request and are granted a DL suspension hearing at which to dispute your looming DL suspension. If a hearing is granted to you, why not consider hiring Jack Byno & Associates to help you get the impending suspension of your driver's license overruled in court? Although we have been able to do so on behalf of clients in the past, maybe in your particular case it is too late to challenge your Kennedale DL suspension, simply because you have already lost a hearing that was previously granted to you (or perhaps you were not granted a hearing at all). If you are now struggling to do without your driver's license, our law firm may still be of service to you. We may be able to apply for, on your behalf, an Occupational Driver's License (ODL), which is a temporary DL sometimes called an Essential Need License. If you are granted an Occupational DL, you may use it to drive yourself legally to school functions, your place of employment and other locations essential to your daily life.


Additional Information on Your Kennedale Traffic Ticket

Would you like additional information on your Kennedale traffic ticket, and in particular as to how it may be disputed in a court of law? Then do not let another second go by without getting in touch with the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno. Our team of legal representatives is standing by right now to take your call and to answer any questions you may have. While we may be hired to help you challenge your violation in an effort to help you protect your driving record from points, in the very least we may be contacted to provide you with more information on speeding tickets, traffic warrants, CDL violations, DL suspension, and the general disputation of Kennedale traffic tickets. To reach our law office and a member of our legal team, please fill out our Traffic Ticket Contact Form, or give us a call at 817-685-0912.​

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