Since 1994, the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno has been disputing all forms of traffic violations in the City of Grapevine, challenging DL suspension, getting traffic warrants lifted, and helping CDL holders and Class C drivers alike stay behind the wheel and out of legal trouble. If you have been pulled over and written a traffic ticket by a police officer in Grapevine, Texas, or in another Tarrant County community, keep in mind that it is your right as a licensed Texas driver to dispute your traffic violation in court, if you would rather not plead guilty to your offense. Jack Byno & Associates may be able to provide you with the legal defense your case deserves so that your driving record may be successfully defended. For more information, please fill out our Traffic Ticket Contact Form.


Do You Need Help Fighting Your Grapevine Speeding Ticket?

Speeding tickets are a common traffic violation and written every day to drivers in the City of Grapevine. No matter whether you hold a regular, Class C driver's license or a CDL, if police radar catches you driving over the speed limit in Grapevine, you will most likely be pulled over and issued a speeding violation by a police officer. If you cannot afford to plead guilty to your Grapevine speeding ticket or are simply looking to protect your clean driving record, why not get in touch with the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno? We may be retained to fight your Grapevine speeding ticket at trial, in the presence of a judge or jury, or we may be hired to seek you a favorable plea deal instead, such as reduced fines, deferred adjudication, or State-approved defensive driving courses, in lieu of points added to your driving record.

Lawyer Works to Get Grapevine Traffic Warrants Lifted

Has a warrant for your arrest been issued by the Grapevine Municipal Court? On a regular basis, the court issues traffic warrants for drivers with outstanding traffic tickets. If you have not responded to your Grapevine violation, by either challenging it or pleading guilty to it, and a warrant for your arrest has been issued, it should not be taken lightly. When left unchecked for long enough, a traffic warrant will eventually result in your arrest, during or before the annual Grapevine Warrant Roundup. The Grapevine Warrant Roundup is an extension of the Great Texas Warrant Roundup, during which law enforcement all over the State cracks down on drivers with traffic warrants hanging over their heads. If you hire Jack Byno & Associates to get your traffic warrant lifted and to post bond for you, you will be safe from arrest during Warrant Roundup season.

CDL & Trucking Violations Challenged- Grapevine, Texas

Perhaps while holding a commercial driver's license (CDL), you were found to be breaking traffic law while driving through Grapevine, Texas, and were written a traffic violation as a result. As an individual who holds a commercial driver's license, you may be hesitant to plead guilty to your violation, as points on your driving record could end up placing your career on the line. At the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno, we have defended against Grapevine CDL and trucking violations for over 20 years. We understand that you as a CDL holder rely upon your clean driving record to remain on the job, and may therefore be retained to dispute your traffic violation in court on your behalf. Although commercial drivers are not eligible for deferred probation, driving safety courses and other deals often sought on behalf of Class C motorists, our law firm is experienced and may still be able to work out a favorable deal for you.

Driver's License Suspension in Grapevine, Texas

Maybe you have been mailed a Notice of Suspension from the Department of Public Safety (DPS), perhaps for habitual Grapevine traffic violations, causing a car accident but failing to pay for any injuries suffered by another driver, Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), or even for a medical reason. Do not panic upon receiving this notice; it does not necessarily mean that your driver's license has been suspended. Rather, it is meant to inform you that your driver's license will be suspended within a certain number of days, if you do not respond and request a DL suspension hearing with DPS. A DL suspension hearing, if granted to you, would allow you to dispute the looming suspension of your driver's license in the Tarrant County Justice Court, where Jack Byno & Associates may also defend you if retained to dispute the suspension of your driver's license. Has your DL already been suspended? If so, you may be interested in obtaining an Occupational Driver's License (ODL). If an ODL is granted to you, you would be allowed temporary, restricted access to the roads for the duration of your Grapevine DL suspension.


Would You Like More Info on Grapevine Traffic Tickets?

The Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno has been in practice in Grapevine, and all across the greater Tarrant County region, for more than 20 years. Because we possess such experience, you can rest assured that we fully comprehend all aspects of Texas traffic law and are more than able to provide you with the information you are now looking for. Whether you are interested in disputing a traffic ticket you have been written in Grapevine, or would simply like more information on court-issued traffic warrants, speeding tickets, driver's license suspension, or CDL violations, please complete our Traffic Ticket Contact Form or contact us via phone at 817-685-0912.​

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