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Do you have questions or concerns regarding the possible disputation of your Bridgeport traffic violation? Then do not let another second go by without getting in touch with the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno. Our team of legal representatives is standing by right now to take your call and to further explain how we may be able to help you challenge your ticket in court and protect your driving record from points otherwise added. If it is your goal to defend your record against points if at all possible, it becomes our goal as well the second we are hired as your legal representatives. We may be of service to you whether you are a commercial driver or everyday, Class C motorist. For additional information on speeding tickets, traffic warrants, DL suspension, CDL violations, or the disputation of Bridgeport traffic tickets in general, please fill out our Traffic Ticket Contact Form or call us at 817-685-0912.

Questions about Your Bridgeport Traffic Ticket?

Perhaps your driver's license has already been suspended by the Texas Department of Public Safety. If you are now struggling to get to the places you require access to every day, such as school and your place of employment, the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno may still be of service to you. We understand that the DFW area does not offer many options by way of public transportation, and that the easiest way to get from place to place for the average commuter is by car. Therefore, we may be retained to seek you an Occupational Driver's License (ODL). If granted to you, this temporary DL will allow you to drive legally for the remainder of your Bridgeport DL suspension.

Driver's license suspension is a penalty often reserved for drivers convicted of serious traffic offenses, such as drunk driving (DWI). Other reasons your license may be suspended can include failing to pay any State Surcharges you may owe, causing an injurious car accident in Bridgeport but failing to pay for any medical care needed by another driver, and even at the behest of a doctor who has deemed you medically unfit to drive. No matter why your driver's license may be set for suspension by the Department of Public Safety, you will be informed in advance of this development, via a Notice of Suspension mailed to your address in Bridgeport. This notice will provide you with a certain amount of time to request a DL suspension hearing, should you be interested in challenging the impending suspension of your driver's license. If granted to you, this hearing will take place in the Wise County Justice of the Peace Court, where Jack Byno & Associates to will appear to help you dispute your looming DL suspension, if hired to do so.

Bridgeport Motorist with DL Suspension?

Truckers, ambulance drivers, school bus drivers and other individuals who hold a commercial driver's license (CDL) strive each and every day to obey traffic law, lest they be pulled over and issued a traffic ticket. If you have been issued a violation while behind the wheel and on the job in Bridgeport, Texas, you must respond to your violation by the date it is due, just as the average, Class C driver must respond to a citation issued to them. Unlike the average driver, however, you as a commercial motorist must keep your means of living in mind when deciding whether to plead guilty to your offense or to challenge it in a court of law. This is because CDL holders' clean driving records serve as a form of job security, as do their reputations as safe drivers. Should you plead guilty to your Bridgeport CDL or trucking violation, and points are consequently added to your driving record, you could be seen as an irresponsible driver by your employer, and in a worst-case scenario you could lose your job. Fortunately, even as a CDL driver, you do not have to plead guilty to your violation if you would rather dispute it in an effort to defend your clean record. The Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno may be able to help you with this endeavor in court. Even though commercial motorists are ineligible for driving safety courses, deferred adjudication, and certain other plea agreements, our attorneys are experienced and may still be able to work out a favorable plea agreement for you in court. Or, in the case that you would rather fight your ticket in an effort to get it dismissed completely, we may also be retained to represent you at trial.

CDL & Trucking Violations defended in Bridgeport

Has the Bridgeport Municipal Court issued a warrant for your arrest over your traffic ticket? This may be so if you have neither pleaded guilty to your violation nor disputed it, but have simply allowed it to go past due. No matter whether you ignored your citation on purpose or accidentally forgot about it, the court does not tolerate overdue violations of any kind, and may issue you a traffic warrant as a penalty. Once a traffic warrant has been issued for you, you could be sought after by police and arrested at potentially any time of the day or night. The only way to avoid arrest and incarceration once a warrant is out for you is to get your warrant lifted. Are you interested in getting your Bridgeport traffic warrant lifted, but are unsure as to how you should go about doing so? Then why not contact Jack Byno & Associates? We possess the legal ability to get traffic warrants lifted and bonds posted on behalf of eligible drivers in DFW, and may be retained to provide you with the same services. If we are able to successfully lift your warrant, you will no longer have to worry about being arrested by police because of it, not even during Warrant Roundup season.

Attorney Gets Bridgeport Traffic Warrants Lifted

The Bridgeport Police Department is placing a special focus on catching motorists in and around the city who choose to drive over the legal speed limit while behind the wheel. No matter what class driver's license you hold, and no matter how fast you were driving at the time you were issued your violation, it is your responsibility to respond to your speeding ticket in a timely manner. If you cannot afford points added to your driving record, it may not be the wisest decision to plead guilty to your violation, even though this may seem the easiest option. Challenging your Bridgeport speeding ticket in court may be the better option for you to consider, and may not be as difficult a task to accomplish as you may think, especially with Jack Byno & Associates on your side. Our attorneys are skilled in disputation of speeding tickets issued by law enforcement in Bridgeport, and may be retained to help you tackle yours.

Have You Been Ticketed for Speeding in Bridgeport?

Have you been issued a traffic ticket in Bridgeport, Texas? This may be so if you were discovered to be violating traffic law in any way, as law enforcement all across Wise County is stepping up and cracking down on drivers caught doing so. There are a number of reasons you may be pulled over and issued a traffic violation in Bridgeport, ranging from driving over the speed limit to failing to use a turn signal properly. No matter the reason behind the issuance of your citation, and no matter whether your hold a standard, Class C driver's license or CDL, you have a few options to consider when it comes to responding to your ticket. You may consider pleading guilty to the offense you have been charged with, but points will be added to your driving record if you do so, and you will be obliged to pay a fine. You may consider ignoring your violation, even to the point that it goes past due, but this lack of action on your part will be noticed by the Municipal Court. Refusing the latter two options, you may consider challenging your ticket, in an effort to protect your record from points. The Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno may be of service to you if this is the course of action you have decided upon. Our attorneys have been practicing traffic law in North Texas for more than 20 years, and may be retained to seek, on your behalf in court, a favorable alternative to points otherwise added to your record, such as probation, defensive driving courses, or reduced fines. Would you like more information on Jack Byno & Associates and how we may be of service to you? Please take a moment to complete our Traffic Ticket Contact Form.

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