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Whether you hold a commercial driver's license or are an average, Class C driver, if you break Texas traffic law and are pulled over by a police officer as a result, you will most likely be written a ticket. Have you been written a traffic ticket in Balch Springs, Texas? Be advised that points will be added to your driving record if you plead guilty to your violation, no matter whether it was issued to you for speeding, running a red light, or forgetting to fasten your seat belt. If you believe that it is in your best interest to dispute a citation you have received in Balch Springs, or in another Dallas County town, consider getting in touch with Jack Byno & Associates. While we know what it takes to plead cases to the best possible deal in Balch Springs, we may also be hired to fight your case in a trial setting. For additional information, please fill out our Traffic Ticket Contact Form.


Written a Speeding Ticket in Balch Springs?
Have you been written a speeding ticket in Balch Springs, Texas? For over 20 years, Jack Byno & Associates have challenged speeding tickets issued in Balch Springs, and are experienced when it comes to disputing them successfully. Our attorneys may be able to successfully challenge your speeding ticket in the Balch Springs Municipal Court, so that your clean driving record may be protected from points otherwise accumulated. Because speeding tickets are one of the most common traffic violations written in DFW, they are also one of the most common violations challenged by our law firm, so why not give us a call today and see if we can't handle your Balch Springs speeding citation?

Traffic Warrants Issued for Balch Springs Drivers
In the case that you neglect a traffic violation issued to you in Balch Springs, it will eventually become outstanding and go to warrant. If your traffic ticket goes to warrant, it means that the Balch Springs Municipal Court has issued a warrant for your arrest. A traffic warrant is serious and will eventually lead to your arrest, if you do not get it lifted beforehand. The Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno may be retained to get your warrant lifted, and to post bond for you, so that you can avoid jail time and other repercussions of your overdue violation.

If you fail to get your Balch Springs traffic warrant lifted in a timely manner, you could be arrested during the Balch Springs Warrant Roundup. The Warrant Roundup is an annual occurrence that sees police tracking down and arresting as many motorists as they can, both CDL and Class C, who have pending traffic warrants. Retain Jack Byno & Associates to get your warrant lifted so that you may be safe from arrest before and during the Balch Springs Warrant Roundup.

CDL Violations Defended-Balch Springs

Were you pulled over and written a traffic ticket by a Balch Springs police officer while driving with a CDL (commercial driver's license)? If you are an emergency vehicle driver, a school bus driver, a commercial trucker or another CDL driver, you may be worried that your livelihood will be negatively affected if you plead guilty to your violation. Jack Byno & Associates understands that your number one goal as a CDL holder is to keep points off your driving record so that your career may be safeguarded, and are therefore available to provide you with the professional legal representation your case deserves. While plea deals such as deferred adjudication and driving safety courses are unattainable for CDL holders, our defense lawyers may still be able to negotiate a deal on your behalf. In many cases, our CDL clients are not required to appear in court with us at their scheduled hearing, which may serve as an added benefit of retaining our services.

DL Suspension Challenged in Balch Springs

Your driver's license may be suspended if you are charged with a serious traffic offense in Balch Springs, such as DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), if you fail to pay any State Surcharges you owe, or even for reasons including medical revocation. Fortunately, the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno has been challenging DL suspension in Balch Springs since 1994. If the DPS mails you a Notice of Suspension, consider getting in touch with our law office. If DPS grants you a DL suspension hearing, our attorneys may be able to represent you in Dallas Municipal Court and attempt to get your DL suspension overruled.

If you fail to request a DL suspension hearing during the time allotted to you to do so, or if you have already lost a DL suspension hearing that was granted to you, your driver's license may now be suspended. DL suspension does not necessarily mean that you are out of reach of our legal assistance, however. Jack Byno & Associates may be able to apply for, on your behalf, an Occupational Driver's License (ODL). An ODL would allow you temporary, restricted and legal access to work, school functions, the doctor's office and other places you require access to on a daily basis. If an ODL is granted for you, you must be sure to obey any and all driving conditions that may come with your ODL (Essential Need License). Common ODL restrictions include when and where you may drive, and failure to follow them can result in a Driving While License Invalid (DWLI) charge.


More Info on Balch Springs Traffic Tickets

Do you have questions concerning a ticket you have received in Balch Springs, or about Texas traffic law in general? The legal representatives at the Law Office of Attorney Jack Byno are standing by right now to take your call and to answer any questions you may have concerning Balch Springs DL suspension, speeding tickets, court-issued traffic warrants, Essential Need Licenses, and CDL violations. We may be retained to provide you with legal representation whether you have a Class C driver's license or a CDL. For more information, please complete our Traffic Ticket Contact Form or speak with a representative at 817-685-0912.​




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